September 24, 2016

Saturday Night...going outside ...

New on Virgi:

MINA Hair - Ysabel @SS Mina

=Zenith=Autumn Shirt with Belt @SS =Zenith

Bauhaus Movement- Roxi Purse // Brown (Silver)@SS  Bauhaus Movement

EF: Breccia Necklace@SS  EMPYREAN FORGE

Essenz - Malta Shoe @SS Essenz


an lar [poses] The Riana Series - Two @SS an lar Poses

Around me:

1.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-Princess sofa-white-RARE

7.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-coffee table-white

12.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-carpet-cream color

14.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-Decorative paintings

15.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-Bottles

16.Cherry house-{{C.H}}-SLRF-Candle Holders@SS Cherry house

:HAIKEI: Soft Blanket Fabric Chair@SS HAIKEI 

::KKs:: le grenier gachas - bust/lace @SS Knick Knacks 

*AF* Hanging Plant - Pothos@SS *AF* 

[ht:home] kitchenette 01. RARE

[ht:home] kitchenette 02. table

[ht:home] kitchenette 03. bench

[ht:home] kitchenette 04. bench with pillows

[ht:home] kitchenette 05. blackboard

[ht:home] kitchenette 06. dish rack

[ht:home] kitchenette 07. dishes

[ht:home] kitchenette 08. frying pan

[ht:home] kitchenette 09. utensils

[ht:home] kitchenette 10. tea tins

[ht:home] kitchenette 11. tin with chives @SS [ht:home] 

all in :

.01 [ kunst ] - Industrial Loft skybox RARE @ SS Kunst


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